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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At VIPKid, we are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in all areas of our business. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds are essential to our mission of inspiring and empowering every child for the future. By fostering diversity and inclusion, we accelerate innovation to build a global classroom that connects cultures across the world and empowers global citizens for lifelong learning. Our work to advance diversity and inclusion is ever-evolving as we learn and progress.
United to Create a Global Classroom

Belonging is at our core. When our Founder and CEO Cindy Mi first set out to start VIPKid, she envisioned a global classroom where everyone, from all walks of life, could come together and learn from one another. This ethos is what draws many of our employees, teachers, students and families to VIPKid.

To create a global classroom where all are welcomed to learn, we must continue to look at our diversity and inclusion practices in all areas of our business. Our leaders’ commitment to organizational growth and development in these areas provides support for employees, which impacts the experience of the students and teachers on the platform.

At the heart of our mission is the concept of inspiring and empowering every child for the future. I sincerely believe that a diverse education and unique perspectives, which will help students grow as global citizens, are essential for our future.
Cindy Mi, Founder and CEO
Students & Families

We believe that a diverse and inclusive education is fundamental in developing global citizens. Our online education platform is a space for cross-cultural learning and growth, where mutual respect is essential. Through diverse curricula and learning opportunities, we can provide the best educational outcomes for current and prospective students in the global classroom.

Creating and Encouraging Awareness in Support of Teacher Diversity
Culturally Responsive Resources for Understanding
Inclusive Curriculum & Guidelines for Future Lesson Creation
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Inclusion and innovation go hand in hand at VIPKid. Not only are diverse perspectives vital in shaping our products, but our products, in turn, empower students to build truly global perspectives. The students are the real innovators of tomorrow.
Alex Cheng, Chief Technology Officer
Teacher Community

We believe that teachers with diverse perspectives and backgrounds are essential to our mission of inspiring and empowering every child for the future. Our online education platform is an inclusive space where all are welcome and encouraged to bring their experience to the global classroom. By fostering a diverse teacher community on our platform , we can provide the best learning outcomes for students as global citizens.

Creating Welcoming Spaces Online and In-Person
Classroom Diversity Toolkit to Navigate Tough Conversations
Unconscious Bias Workshops for Community Leaders
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Recognizing and celebrating the diversity of teachers on our platform is crucial to building a strong online educator community. The flexible nature of working on the VIPKid platform brings together educators of diverse backgrounds and abilities and we must ensure we’re doing everything possible to continue to support that.
Kevyn Klein, Global Head of Teacher Community
Our Team

We believe that employees with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences are essential to accelerating innovation in the workplace. We are dedicated to continuing to build an equitable and inclusive culture where all employees feel safe and respected. Given the range of student and teacher backgrounds on our platform, our offices in the U.S. and China are committed to having diverse representation on our team and ensuring all employees thrive.

Updating and Improving Policies
Town Halls and Leadership Listening Sessions
Training and Learning Opportunities
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VIPKid was built on the foundation of transforming online education, and our internal workforce should reflect the community of teachers and students. We continue to learn and build, so we can better serve our families and communities.
Grace Lu, Global Head of HR
This Work is Ongoing

We recognize that this is just the start and we will continue to evolve and update our practices. In an effort to be more transparent around conversations about equity and inclusion at VIPKid, we will continue to highlight the ongoing work in future blogs.

We encourage anyone who has feedback to reach out to our team. If you are a teacher, please reach out to the Teacher Voice Team here and select the “Diversity and Inclusion” dropdown. If you do not teach on the platform, but are interested in learning more about our diversity initiatives, please contact the team by emailing diversity@vipkid-intl.com.