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Teaching Hours

When we say flexible, we mean it.
Work to Meet Your Schedule
25-minute Classes
You teach per class. Each class is 25-minutes of active teaching time.
Flexibles Hours and Location
There’s no minimum hour commitment. You can teach as many hours as you’d like to. Remember, you’re in the driver seat. Learn more about Teacher Pay.
Your Own Schedule
Set your teaching availability in advance in the VIPKid Teach App. If you change your mind on your schedule, don’t worry, just give us a heads up.
Most In-Demand Times
Peak Peak Time (PPT)
It’s so popular, we had to say peak twice, but you should probably have this on your radar. The peak times occur when teachers get the most bookings! This often happens around 6pm-9pm Beijing Time.
Time Zone Table of Peak Peak Time
Time Zone (Nov-March)
Mon-Fri Sat/Sun
Hawaii 12am-3am 3pm-4am
Pacific 2am-5am 5pm-6am
Mountain 3am-6am 6pm-7am
Central 4am-7am 7pm-8am
Eastern 5am-8am 8pm-9am
UK 10am-1pm 1am-2pm
Daylight Saving (Mar-Nov)
Mon-Fri Sat/Sun
Hawaii 1am-4am 4pm-5am
Pacific 3am-6am 6pm-6am
Mountain 4am-7am 7pm-8am
Central 5am-8am 8pm-9am
Eastern 6am-9am 9pm-10am
UK 10am-1pm 2am-3pm
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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of commitment is there?
Can I take a break or go on vacation?
Is there a maximum number of hours a teacher could teach?
I am a new teacher, and I have not been booked for a while. Did I set my time wrong?
Do students take classes during holidays?