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About VIPTeacher

As a global leader in online English education, VIPKid envisions a global classroom where all children feel connected to their education. Since 2014, we've grown to almost 1,000,000 students on our platform. As VIPKid's student community continues to grow, so does our demand for teachers.

VIPTeacher is the most powerful teaching network in the world by connecting over 200,000 teachers to different job opportunities, connections and professional development.
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What I love most about VIPKid is that it gets to the teaching. The teacher in me finds so much joy in this job! I don’t spend a lot of time grading papers. I don’t have recess duty. I don’t have the paperwork demands. I just teach. That’s amazing! I also feel like my view of the world has matured and grown. This experience has made me a more well-rounded person.

—Teacher Hope

14+ years of teaching experience

I am first and foremost a teacher, and VIPKid is the most rewarding opportunity I have had as an educator. I am able to stay home with my daughter and continue to do what I love while impacting student's lives.

—Teacher Jeanette

11+ years of teaching experience

I love the one-on-one connection between teachers and students. I have become very attached to many of my students and their families over the years! I also love that the curriculum is already developed, so all I have to do is bring my own 'magic' to the lessons.

—Teacher Willette

25+ years of teaching experience

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